The Jake Runnels Trip

Arrived in Colorado - Values of South and West

June 5, 2020


I am currently staying outside of Durango, Colorado. Colorado is just as beautiful as I was expecting and I get the feeling that I am just barely scratching the surface. I was blown away by the consistent stream of beautiful scenery on my drive through the Rio Grande and San Juan National Forests to get here.

It looks like I might be able to finally do some Jiu-Jitsu. There is a club in Durango that is apparently allowing people to train. Typically I wait to train at a Globetrotter gym for free but at this point anything would be worth it to get some consistent training again.

The first thing I did when I got to Colorado was buy some weed from a dispensary right on the border of New Mexico. That was a neat experience. I got way too much. The people that work at these dispensaries are exceptionally cool people and always stoned.

I am really starting to see a difference in mindset from the people down South and the people out West. I feel a lot more comfortable telling people that I live out of a van without having to get any strange looks and hopelessly try to explain the practicality of it.

Out here I feel almost a bit more in my element. We’ll see as time goes on how I feel about it, but I think I resonate with the people here more consistently. Even the girls seem way more laid back and adventurous.

The attitude in the south has always felt to me to be restrictive. Safety and security seemed to be placed at a high value in those states. Approval for what you are doing with your life is definitely higher amongst conservative friends and family if there is a clear path laid out. Doing something different might be looked at as a little more whimsical. Out here the whole “do your own thing” vibe definitely comes across.

The culture does still have its drawbacks, I passed by these Black Lives Matter protestors in the small town Alamosa who blocked traffic for a few moments with their righteous signs and message. Yeah I get it, the sentiment is nice and all, but I don’t buy it. There wasn’t a single black kid with them. They were all white kids.

I think most kids growing up today get through a pretty fucked up set up in life and find these weird ways to voice their frustration for the way things are, but they direct it totally in the wrong direction. The weirdness of modern life appears like the neutral point for existence because it’s how everyone around us is going through this thing.

But today kids grow up with the black mirror of social media shoved in front of their face from the get go. They are already thinking of how they fit into the whole hierarchy of numbers and status at way too early of an age. On top of that they are eating a bunch of shitty processed food that does god-knows-what to their hormones and next thing you know they’re dyeing their hair purple and identifying as a non-gendered radical foxkin.

They are clearly upset but they voice it in all this stupid shit like calling everyone a racist and a bigot, when in reality they have an emotional scab on their consciousness that has been picked at since they were practically infants.

I think the decriminalization of mushrooms will be the greatest corrector of all this. Take a few grams, chill out, and be honest with yourself about how the poor decisions you have made have led to the ultimate dissatisfaction of yourself and everyone around you. Take it easy and understand this whole thing that we are all in, including your fears, will eventually fade away, so live now.

We’ll definitely lose a few people into the abyss along the way. A few lost travelers who had gone and tripped to the point of no return. Dead heads. They are real and I have met them and they are not pleasant to be around no matter how open minded you try to be. But that’s their trip, I think it’d be worth it at the end of the day

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