The Jake Runnels Trip

The Spectrum of People

June 10, 2020

This state is growing on me more and more. Classic Rock playing everywhere, stoners everywhere, beautiful scenery, laid back culture. I really dig this place. Who knew such a cool community could exist right here within the United States. Yeah some of these people can be a little silly politically but for the most part they are almost a different type of human.

In their outlook and attitude, almost everything about them differs from these other areas of the country. To an extent you can say that about each area. It truly is incredible how the variations of societal intricacies affect the human mind across cultures.

Each place is different. No two countries, or even cities, neighborhoods, have the exact same collective influence on its inhabitant (the link between genetics and personality is a fascinating topic that I know nothing about). No two people are the same, but if you divide someone’s personality by tendencies and assign them a number based on where they stand on a spectrum, different areas would have different averages. I’m sure there’s been studies on that


But even dividing someone’s personality into something like the Big 5 Personality test, that doesn’t even truly account for the variations in people. There is no real way to completely quantify the variations in people (although advertisers may be close). Each person is just this ever changing cluster of human emotion and thought, each barreling their own individual way down the journey of time. This ever changing stream of events, desires, memories; propelling us through this television show that goes on until we die titled “my life”.

We are truly watching this thing unfold before us. I like the TV analogy because we are constantly interpreting our lives in this narrative format, each individual possessing their own unique narrative.

As a kid I would watch TV Cartoons and try to find a single episode that did not have some sort of moral to the story. That experiment wasted a whole lot of time and the only thing I learned was that it is impossible to find one. The thing that captures our attention and diverts our minds the most, a narrative, a story. Whether it is the news media, sports broadcasts, video games, social media; it is all being propelled by our affinity towards stories. The news pushes a political narrative, video games a virtual narrative, social media a personal narrative, all of it.

Jungian archetypes and personality tests can only go so far to break down a general overview of a particular persons personality, but there are averages.

I think only ever being exposed to one culture makes you somewhat a slave to that culture. Not necessarily in a bad way, just in that the spectrum of thought and memories had been limited to the confines of your local area. Maybe there’s something to be said for limitation as well, but booooooooy is Colorado wild.

Thoughts from a mind soaring through a overpowering dosage of, 100% legal, Colorado edibles.

What the fuck Colorado

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