The Jake Runnels Trip

The Unconscious appendages of History

August 18, 2020

IG: @CheeseJake

In this podcast I riff on a set of ideas that have been a recurring theme along my VanLife road trip across the USA. The contents of the societal waters differ in sight, taste, and smell, everywhere you go in this country. We think of ourselves as individual islands unto ourselves but in taking a broader few of our culture at large and those in the surrounding area, we see that in reality the "I" that we proclaim to be is in actuality a mere appendage of our cultural ideas that have been propelling the momentum of historical influences into the modern day. We are inseperable from history yet we spend entire lives rummaging about, trying to find the source of happiness, trauma, discontent within ourselves, yet we fail to recognize the inseparable nature of our own experience from the collective experience at large. 

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